Illinois Concealed Carry 3 Hour Renewal Class
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16 Hour Concealed Carry Class Information
Due to the decline in interest for regularly scheduled Illinois Concealed Carry classes; Training By Christy (TBC) has elected to focus on "private classes" to coordinate with our client's busy schedules. These classes (of any size) must still include the 16 hours of required instruction but can be tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. The demand for private classes has been a pleasant surprise to us and caused us to reconfigure our teaching format. Instead of teaching a "One Size Fits ALL" curriculum, TBC is able to focus on introducing students to firearms as well as increasing the skill level of more proficient shooters with these "private" sessions. Private classes are just that; PRIVATE. We come to you so you and your friends/employees can be in relaxed setting with a schedule that works for everyone.
Please contact us for more information.
(Bill Worth 847-612-7564) 

Bill Worth is also the Managing Partner for Countermeasure Consulting Group LLC and is the Corporate Director of Sales for ReACT: Active Countermeasure Training  Both of these companies focus on the prevention and mitigation of Active Shooter Events and instances of workplace violence.  Bill and this team of world renowned experts offer unparalleled training in the area of Active Shooter Events. If your company, school or group is looking for Active Shooter training that meets or exceeds OSHA requirements please contact Bill directly. A no obligation FREE account is available at where you can experience the first training module of the 7 part ReACT program. 
This engaging and detailed on-line training has just been *ENDORSED by the city of Cincinnati Ohio for use by their employees.





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