Adoption Raffle

The raffle was an incredible success! Everyone, who participated in the raffle by buying one ticket or ten tickets, is truly a blessed to us.  We humbly thank you!!  The results of the raffle held at Culvers in Gurnee on the 12th are posted below.  Because of the number of tickets sold we added an additional gun (or cash) to the mix.  I also went through my "prize" box and added several items.  Now we're all waiting to hear back from the adoptive girls government for final approval.  When that happens, John and his entire family will fly over to spend three weeks to get final approval from social services.  Then they'll bring the girls home.  I figure that we'll do another raffle (probably with an AR-15 rifle as first prize and a S&W Bodyguard as second) -- see the raffle list below for why we're doing a Bodyguard again.  Stay tuned....

My son John (Christy's brother) and his wife have made a HUGE commitment to adopt a young lady, "M" (13 years old) and her younger sister  "G" (3 years old) from Eastern Europe.  At this point we are not allowed to mention the actual country where they are coming from and the girls' names.  It is an EXPENSIVE and exhausting endeavor.  Their compassion for these two girls  is  truly an expression of sacrificial love and Christian love.  This adoption journey has been a crazy rollercoaster ride with gut wrenching plunges and dizzying heights.  "M" was with them (and us) for a month at Christmas.  She is a joy and will be a sweet addition to my son's family, which already includes my two grandsons.  We've not met "M's" little sister yet but are dying to do so. 

Here's the latest: "M" returned to her eastern European foster home a few weeks ago.  John's family submitted required paperwork that enabled them to ask "M" if she'd like to become part of their family.  She said YES for both herself and her little sister!!! (International law didn't allow them to ask while "M" was here.) Now the paperwork/government approval process kicks in.  They hope to get approval to move forward with the adoption of the girls within 4 to 6 weeks.  Then John and his whole family will fly to Eastern Europe and spend THREE WEEKS living in a rental apartment with the girls where they will attend court hearings, visit with social workers, file paper work and bond as a family. They'll then fly home with the girls for an extended hosting period in which they will have guardianship and wait. After three months passes, John will fly back to eastern Europe with "M" for another court hearing.  But wait, it's not over yet.  Several weeks after trip two John and the two girls will fly back to Eastern Europe for a FINAL court visit, embassy appointments and paperwork. When that's over the girls will come home for good as U.S. citizens. Did I mention this is EXPENSIVE????

Everything appears to be working its way through the approval process.  A large hurdle is the money.  MANY people are doing what they can to help, and we are so grateful.  Friends have hosted special events, sold items, donated their services, sent checks and continue to be praying for the success of this whole process.  My two grandsons are collecting loose change to "To Bring  The Girls Home" so I figured how can I do less?  My company and I are donating the items for this raffle (details below) and one of my associates will be donating a couple more firearms for the next raffles.  We have all been BLOWN away by the kindness of strangers, the generosity of  friends, the sacrifice of many and the Grace of God throughout this adventure.  Please join us on this journey.

If you can buy some raffle tickets we'd appreciate it.  If you can't please pass this information on to your friends.  The future looks bright for these two girls and they need all of us to join together and "Bring the Girls Home". 

Please help us as we seek to bring this family together! Thank you!!!!

1st Prize : Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard pistol, 3 magazines, a DeSantis Nemesis Pocket 

      Holster & 100 rounds of .380 range ammunition OR $300 CASH - Kevin Philbin Glenview, IL - Kevin donated the pistol back to us to use in the next raffle - THANK YOU VERY MUCH KEVIN

2nd Prize: Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard or a Ruger LCP .380 pistol - Stacey Esposito Western Springs IL  -  Stacey donated the $275 back to the raffle - THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT

3rd Prize: 1000 rounds of Winchester M22 .22LR ammunition - Jim Carlson Stockton IL
4th Prize: Syderco Delica Knife - Will Schroeder Arlington HTs IL
5th Prize: Victorinox Knife set - Jay Swidler Buffalo Grove IL
6th Prize: S&W Surge Bail Out Bag & Trauma Kit - Todd Johnson Cedar Creek WI
7th Prize: Leather Pistol Case: Bill Gage Alexandria VA                                                                                                           

Winner Does NOT Need to Be Present to Win

EVERY Dollar will go the expenses related to the Adoption 

---- ALL Prizes have been donated by Bill Worth & Magnum Sales Corp ----

*All local and federal laws regarding the transfer of firearms will be followed.  If the winner of a firearm lives out of the area, we will ship the firearm, at no charge, to your local firearm dealer for transfer.  Any transfer fee is the responsibility of the winner*


Please mail checks to: Bill Worth 4338 Eagle Ct. Gurnee IL 60031 (make checks out to John Worth)