Adoption Raffle

My son John (Christy's brother) and his wife have made a HUGE commitment to adopt a young lady from eastern Europe. I'm hoping you will help make their dream come true. This process is VERY expensive and complicated.  We'd like to help them raise some seed money to move the process along.  We are donating a pistol and ammunition for a raffle to raise funds for their endeavor.  ALL the money will be used by John and his wife to assist in the adoption. 
Here's the deal--- the pistol is a new Springfield Armory XD9mm (XD9101HCSP06) which includes two 16 round magazines, a belt holster, magazine holder, loader and 100 rounds of 9mm range ammunition.
The raffle--- only 15 chances at $50 will be sold.  The only way to purchase chances is on this site.  Enter the quantity of chances desired and start the order process.  During the order process watch for the COMMENT section where you will enter your lucky 3 digit raffle number (349 for example). Once the 15 chances have been purchased, all participants will be notified by email as to the Illinois Evening Pick 3 Raffle date that will be used for the raffle.  Your 3 digit number will be compared to the Pick 3 number and the closest number to the one picked will win the XD9 and ammunition.  In the event of a tie whoever ordered their chances first will be determined to be the winner.
                                                              GOOD LUCK  & THANK YOU!!!!