Intro To Handguns

Introduction To Handguns is designed for new shooters who want to learn how to shoot the right way and as a review for those who want a refresher course.  This Intro class starts at the beginning with a strong focus on safety and ends with individual instruction on the shooting range punching holes in targets. I guarantee you'll have fun as you learn to shoot. We tailor the class to each individual so everyone can move at their own speed.  We supply everything you need for the class; instruction, handguns, ammunition, safety equipment, range fee and targets.
Going forward Training By Christy will be offering the Intro to Handguns class as a part of our concealed carry class.  The CCW class includes all aspects of what we teach in the Intro class.  However our Concealed Carry class is going "private".  Please read the new description detailed on the front page of our site.