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Terms & Conditions & FAQ’s
By placing an order with Training By Christy you acknowledge having read and understood the details and requirements described in the various firearm training classes offered by Training By Christy as well as the information detailed in the FAQ’s listed below.

How can I contact someone at Training By Christy? The best way is via email at training@trainingbychristy.com  To reach us by phone please call 847-612-7564.  We will endeavor to return your inquiry within 24 hours.
What about credit for previous training? The state just released their list of previous training which lists what training instructors MAY issue credit for in regards to the 16 hours of training required by the state.  Training By Christy will recognize any combination of previous training up to 8 hours per the list provided by the state.  Please review the list of training courses, found on the Illinois State Police's website (https://ccl4illinois.com/ccw/Public/ISPFaq.aspx ) to see what you may qualify for in regards to previous training.  You MUST supply us with a copy of your previous training documents to prove that you have received the training for which you wish credit. If you have any questions regarding credit for previous training please contact us.  It is YOUR responsibility to verify that your previous training credentials meet the state requirements. If your training documents do not meet the state requirements we CANNOT issue you a certificate of completion. We are bound by the requirements set forth by the Illinois State Police and have NO flexibility so don't ask.
What about veterans or active duty military? The state recognizes your service (and so do we - Thanks for serving!) and allows an 8 hour credit toward the concealed carry requirement which allows you to take the 8 hour course. Current military personnel will need to provide documentation identifying the holder as an active member of the US Armed Forces (CAC or DD Form 2 ID cards in green, blue, or red, for instance). Veterans MUST supply a copy of their DD-214 or NGB 22 to Training By Christy for our records. 
How much are classes?  Training By Christy is transitioning to providing Private Concealed Carry classes.  Please contact us to discuss the parameters of organizing your own "private" concealed carry class and the opportunity for you, as the organizer, to receive a steeply discounted rate for your efforts as organizer.
What payment methods do you accept? We accept cash, checks, money orders and Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
I don't have my FOID card yet, can I still take the class?  YES; you need the FOID to legally transport a handgun and  shoot at the range so if you don't possess an FOID you'll need to make arrangements with us to provide a handgun and ammunition. Please send an email to training@trainingbyChristy.com to discuss the options to take the class without an FOID. 

What is your return/cancellation policy?  ALL cancelled sessions will be subject to a non-refundable 25% cancellation fee. Class sessions may be rescheduled, on a case by case basis at the complete discretion of Training By Christy.

What is Training By Christy’s privacy policy? We are very serious about protecting the information you provide. None of your personal information will EVER be sold, traded or used without your permission. 

What makes TrainingByChristy.com a secure website?  GunsByChristy.com is fully PCI compliant. The TrainingByChristy.com checkout system is SSL encryption secured and feeds your information directly into the secure e-Processing Network payment gateway. This means that nobody in our company is able to access your credit card information from online orders.
Who is Training By Christy?  Training By Christy is a team of instructors dedicated to supporting the 2nd Amendment by educating and training law abiding firearm owners. Our team consists of highly trained individuals with NRA and law enforcement credentials.  Our goal is to promote firearm safety, personal security and the enjoyment of the shooting sports.
Why should I take a class from Training By Christy? Bill & Christy Worth and their staff are excellent instructors with NRA and Law Enforcement credentials not gung-ho tactical gun nuts.  Our concealed carry classes will be relaxed, informative and interactive with a mix of videos, animations, professional instruction and hands-on exercises. We'll provide holsters, purses and practice guns to walk you through the ins and outs of carrying a concealed handgun in the real world.  Training By Christy has been providing top quality firearm instruction for years.

Bill Worth is also the Managing Partner for Countermeasure Consulting Group LLC (www.countermeasureconsulting.com) and is the Corporate  Director of Sales for ReACT: Active Countermeasure Training (www.activecountermeasure.com) Both of these companies focus on prevention and mitigation of Active Shooter Events and instances of workplace violence.  Bill and this team of world renowned experts offer unparalleled training in the area of Active Shooter training.